Beautiful and Glowing Skin Tips


Everyone wants to look good and want to take care of their skin but they do not have time to go to take facial and many more things which take too much time and money as well. Here we are going to tell you some skincare tips or you can say beauty tips for skin which are not just easy but also take very less time.

Beautiful and Glowing Skin Tips

1. Tip for Pinkish Skin:

mint and water  Take 1 bunch of mint (podina) and wash it well, take 2 liters of water in a pan and pour mint   in it and boil it for 20 minutes.After the water gets cold, drink it. You should drink all the  water in 24 hours and if you feel that the taste of water is too bitter and you can’t drink it, add  some sugar in it.After a week you will feel that your skin becomes pinkish with this skin care  tip.



2.Cleansing of oily skin:

Rose Water and Almond Take 2 tsp of ground almonds and mix it with 1 cup of arq-e-gulaab (rose water) and blend it  for 2 minutes.  Now put it into a bottle and apply twice a day, you will feel your face clear and  no oil on it.




3.Tip for fair skin:

chickpea First take some chickpeas (chane ki daal), put them in water and after some time when they become soft,    take them out of water and grind them. After it, take some milk and mix it with grinded pulses and make a     paste.Apply the paste on your face for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash your face with fresh water. If you  apply this paste daily, you will feel that this skincare tip really works and your skin will become fairer  every passing day.



4.Tip for Soft Skin:

fresh milk for cleansing This is one of the easiest and perfect beauty tips for skin. As we know that milk is a natural cleansing agent  for our skin.You just have to take fresh milk and apply it on your face with the help of cotton. After half an  hour wash your skin with chilled water and repeat this easy process daily. Your skin will become soft and  shiny as never before.




5.Tip to remove sun burns:

Tomato for beautiful skin You will be surprised after seeing the results of this skincare tip for removing the layer of sun burnt skin.  Take a tomato and cut it into small slices and rub it on your face. You should be away from sunlight and to  get best results, apply it 10 minutes before sleeping. If you are a student or a man/woman who have to go  out in sunlight, do this procedure daily so your skin will remain protected from sun burns.



6.Glow Mask:

strawberries and jasmine for glowing skin   Ingredients:

1.Strawberries / Cherries 2

2.Yogurt 2 tbsp

3.Multani mitti ½ tsp

4.Lavender oil / jasmine oil ½ tsp


Mix all and apply on face. Let it dry; spray rose water on face to clean it.


7.Glow Mask:

Tomato and honey for glowing skin   Ingredients:

1.Tomato 1 (paste)

2.Honey 2 tbsp

3.Camphor (kaafoor) a pinch

4.Rose water 2 tbsp      


Mix and apply on face for 15 minutes. Apply twice a day for a perfect result.


8.Drink Tea for Glowing Skin:

green tea   Ingredients:

1.Green tea 1 tsp

2.Spinach leaves 1-2

3.Cloves 2-3

4.Sugar or honey to taste         5.Water 1 cup


Cook all ingredients for 5-8 minutes. Filter tea and drink once a day.


9.Drink for Glowing Skin:

almond and milk Ingredients:

1.Milk 1 cup (warm)                                2.Kewra 1 tsp

3.Almonds 2-3 (crushed)                      4.Pistachios 2 (crushed)

5.Raisins 2-3                                               6.Saffron a pinch

7.Silver pepper 1                                      8.Rose water 1 tsp



Combine all ingredients in warm milk and drink once a day.



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