45 Easy And Beautiful Kurta Designs For Girls


The term Kurta is a most common word used in South Asia for male  and female garments. The word Kurta originally comes from  Persian language which mean “A collarless shirt”. It was first used in English in the 20th century. Basically Kurta is a piece of clothing worn by males for style, tradition, fashion and culture. Pakistani’s and Indian’s prefer to wear casual Kurtas.

The trend of kurta for females is increasing in Pakistan and India. Kurtas for the summer season are made of cotton or silk fabrics which is of very thin stuff. In winter season kurtas are made of thicker fabric such as wool or others. These days very common fabric; linen is used for kurta, which is used in winter as well as in summer season.

There are many methods to decorate and style your kurta. Tailors used many tricks by which your kurta looks stylish as well as traditional. Embroidery is used to give more styling looks.

I have collected different kurtas which are simple and easy to made. Like and share with your friends 🙂


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