Romantic French Twist Step-by-Step Guide


Hair is something that we can all live without.  It serves very little advantageous functions, yet, when it is lost, it can be disastrous to us because it’s a part of our personality and makes us different from other people.Our hair is making a statement about us in its style, color and length.

Having a great hairstyle is very important when it comes to looking your best and emphasizing your best features.
A French twist is the most common hair style.These are usually worn to clubs and weddings.However, one could wear a messier and looser look to the office. Hair clips are also used with French twists to enhance the looks.
French twist is designed by collecting hair in a low ponytail and twisting the ponytail upwards until it turns in on itself against the head and finally hair are secured with pins, clips, sticks or a comb.

Here is a step-by-step guide for a romantic french twist:

  •     Start out by separating a bang section and brush the rest of your hair.

french twist 1

  •     Gather all hair into a smooth ponytail at the nape of your neck.

french twist 2

  •     Begin twisting tightly from the base, and, pulling straight up on the ponytail.

french twist 3

  •     Pull the hair to the right up and tuck into the twist.

french twist 4


  •     Smooth the sides of the twist with your comb.

french twist 5


  •     Pin securely from the inside out.

french twist 6


  •     Set hair from the bang section loosely and pin securely at the top of the twist.

french twist 7

  •     Coat with hairspray.  Enjoy… 🙂

french twist 8


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