Mehndi Tips And Designs


The trend of henna in Pakistani, Libyan, Arabian and in Indian people is currently growing in intricacy and amplification, with modernization and innovations in glitter, gilding, and fine-line work.

Here are few designs of henna and tips for darker color of henna.



– Use excellent quality premium henna. Check it’s color before you buy.

– Apply a tiny amount of vicks, iodex, moov or cooking oil to your palms before applying henna.

– More thicker the henna, darker the color is.

– After applying henna, leave it for at least 3-4 hours.

– Dab sugar and lemon juice, when your henna is dry.

– Put some cloves in boiling water and put your hands over the water to take a steam.

– Let it dry naturally.

– Apply mustard oil when your henna became dry. Eucalyptus oil also helps.

– When henna become dry, put on the gloves so that the color become darker because of heat.

– Don’t wash your hands with soap after removing henna.


DESIGNS: Here are some easiest and simplest designs of henna. Hope so you will like them…. :) 





Enjoy 🙂

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