French Braid Bun


French braid is an elegant, cute and simple hairstyle. Despite its alluring weave may appear complicated and puzzling. But making the French braid is an effortless and simple process. Once you’ve got the basic instructions, you’ll make it smoother.
Many hair styles were made through french braid with few amendments. Here is an easy step by step guide to a French Braid Bun with pictures. Hope that this article will help you 🙂



  • Thoroughly brush your hair and make sure to remove all tangles.


  • Separate two sections of your hair as shown below and start making french braid from the top right corner of your head.


  • Take the little section of your hair and separate three strands as you do in regular braid. Create one row of regular braid and then add the strands of hair from your bang section and continue it till the end. Once you complete to add all strands from top section of your head, again continue the regular braid.


  • Tie with transparent rubber band.


  • Similarly do it for the second section of your hair.


  • Once you complete this,secure the regular braid under the french braid with the help of bobby pins.


  • You can decorate it with the help of clips.


  • Enjoy 🙂stylish

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