25+ Beautiful Earring Designs

Girls are incomplete without a pair of earrings whether they are artificial or of gold or other material. Girls normally wear earrings in daily routine, at parties and in functions. People consider earrings as a basic and standard accessory that every girl must have.
In this article, I have collected 25+ superb earring designs for girls. We hope that you will like this article. Here is a collection of impressive earring designs you can wear for the 2013 any season.

  • Zircon Earrings:

beautiful zircon earring design

  • Cherry Studs:

cute fruit earrings

  • Owl Earrings:

owl earrings

  • Black Carnelian Earrings:

black carnellian

  • Blue Crystal Earrings:


  • Green Carnelian Stone And Water Pearl:

simple earrings

  • Blue Stone Earrings:

simple and beautiful

  • Diamond Earrings:

beautiful diamond rearrings

  • Beautiful And Stylish Earrings:

beautiful and stylish earrings

beautiful and stylish earrings

beautiful and stylish earrings

  • Red Carnelian And Diamond Earrings:

simple and elegant

  • Pink Crystal Earrings:

simple earrings

  • Green Drop Earrings:

simple earrings

  • Triple Hoop Earrings:

handmade earrings

  • Pearl Drop Earrings:

simple and decent

  • Pearl and Diamond Earrings:

beautiful and stylish earrings

  • Quartz Large Hoop Earrings:


  • Sapphire Earrings:

stylish and elegant

  • Sterling Silver Earrings:

simple and decent

  • Beautiful Purple Earrings:

beautiful purple earrings

  • Mustache Earrings:

Mustache earrings

  • Turquoise Imitation Stone Earrings:

simple and cute earrings

  • Wrapped Double Hoop Earrings:

handmade earrings

  • Wrapped Skewers:

handmade earrings

  • Simple Red Beaded Earrings:

simple earrings

  • Ruby Diamond Earrings:

stylish earrings


         Enjoy…… 🙂




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  • Posted: July 3, 2015 13:48


    want more colours and designs with stones

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